Established on 1959

Our Services

  • Bank provides Various Banking Services Like

    Current Account (Minimum Balance Rs. 2000)
    Savings Account (Minimum Balance Rs. 500)
    Basic Savings Accounts
    Demand Draft

    Core Banking
    A core banking system is the software used to support a bank’s most common transactions.
    Elements of core banking include, Making and servicing loans., Opening new accounts., Processing cash deposits and withdrawals., Processing payments and cheques., Calculating interest., Customer relationship management (CRM) activities., Managing customer accounts. Net Banking

    Locker Facility
    THE VERAVAL PEOPLE’S CO-OPERATIVEL Bank provides locker facility to all its You can keep all your valuables like Jewelry, documents etc in the banks locker. The lockers are available in 3 sizes. Contact us for more information on THE VERAVAL PEOPLE’S CO-OPERATIVEL Locker Service at our All Branch.
    Key Features:- Easy availability and access, Convenient sizes., Hassle-free payment, Nomination for Safe Deposit Lockers.
    Features and Benefits:
    You can plan your visit and access your locker on all working days during banking hours.
    Choose your own locker size from a range of options – small, and large.
    You can set-up standing instructions on your Account to pay your annual locker rent.
    Nomination facility is available to individual/Joint hirer of Safe Deposit Locker.


    Whoever has Internet Banking facility may have come across NEFT or RTGS money transfer facility. However, do you know the timings of these facilities? Few times your money transferred instantly and few times, it will be delayed. It is all because of schedule timings of NEFT and RTGS. Also, RBI changed the RTGS timings. Before proceeding further, let us know what is NEFT and RTGS.
    NEFT settlement will be in terms of batches and settled on hourly base, but RTGS is real time settlement. There is a timing difference between two (Detailed list is available below).

    Stamp Franking Facility
    The bank is offering the services of franking of documents with stamp duty in ST Branch and Keshod Branch

    Miss call :-

    Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application enables you to get the real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Mobile/Land Phone/Toll Free Number. 9408200016 you have received a SMS for your Account Balance details.


    RuPay Debit cum ATM Card :- RuPay is an Indian domestic card scheme conceived and launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). RuPay cards are accepted at all automated teller machines(ATMs) & at all PoS terminals.


    RuPay Debit cum ATM Card
    Important: Please make sure you have read these terms & conditions carefully before using the THE VERAVAL PEOPLE’S CO-OPERATIVEL Bank RuPay Debit cum ATM Card. By using the Debit cum ATM Card, you are unconditionally accepting the terms and conditions listed hereunder and will be bound by them and you accept the onus of ensuring compliance with the relevant Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Regulations and all the rules and regulations framed under the Act and as amended/ modified/ applicable from time to time and any other corresponding enactment in force from time to time. You will also continue to remain bound by the terms and conditions of operation of your Savings Bank Account/Current Account with The Veraval People’s Co-Op. Bank Ltd.